Thank you, CSS tricks

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Today is CSS Tricks’ 10th Birthday, so I thought I’d reminisce on my early days and how much the website has helped me out since then.

I picked up web design as a hobby just before CSS tricks was born. The website didn’t catch my attention until around 2009 when I was blagging my way through my early freelance career. From being a <table> and ActionScript wizard, I suddenly needed to learn CSS and WordPress to fulfill a client brief that I stupidly agreed to.

With the sudden need to up-skill, I found Digging In To WordPress and CSS Tricks which were absolute gold. Using the sites to learn and reference, I managed to scrape through the project and push myself into the modern web-stack.

The rest is history.

CSS Tricks has continued to be a major resource for me. It inspires me daily and provides the most incredibly useful almanac of CSS selectors and properties, which I reference religiously.

So, thank you Chris and the team. You continue to consistently produce incredible content that has surely shaped a generation of web designers and developers.

I look forward to seeing what the next 10 years of CSS Tricks will bring!