Introducing Stalfos

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It’s been a labour of love for quite some time now, but I’ve finally got Stalfos to the point where I’m happy to share it with the world.

Stalfos is an open-source, skeletal front-end development starter kit. It provides a solid starting-point and framework for working with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It also provides tools for working with images, fonts and SVG.

Along with being a useful starter kit, Stalfos is completely modifiable and extendable, which allows you to use it to create a powerful front-end development workflow. This is mainly because the core of Stalfos is Gulp, which provides a modular task based processing system.

Out of the box, Stalfos gives you:

  • A SCSS based collection of helpers and a modular orientated project structure
  • A JS / jQuery based project structure with some little helpers included
  • A Nunjucks based HTML template building system

A Two Year Project

Stalfos started its life as a repo called “base-front-end-project”, which I started in an attempt not to fall into the Bootstrap / Foundation trap. I wanted a solid starting-point without all of the guff that you get with one of the popular frameworks.

As I started introducing the project into my day-job, I needed something even more flexible and cross-platform. That’s when I decided to draw the line under “base-front-end-project” and develop it as a new project called Stalfos.

It’s grown a lot over the last couple of years from a little CSS starting point, to an almost full-blown static site generator. I’m hoping that over time it becomes a really useful tool for the wider community.

Stalfos’ Future

I want to carry on pushing Stalfos as far as I can and the next phase of its development will be mainly accessibility driven. I’ve been focussing really heavily on accessibility over the last few months and I want to try and bake what I’ve learned into the starting point of my projects.

Hopefully Stalfos will benefit from contributions from the wider community too, which will hopefully help plenty of front-end developers build some solid, accessible websites.

How You Can Contribute

Stalfos will only ever benefit from wider community contributions. If you feel like you can improve it, get stuck in and create a pull request or log an issue. Even if it’s going through the documentation repo and fixing spelling and grammar - any sort of contribution will be welcomed with open arms.

You can checkout Stalfos by going to the documentation site or by checking out the GitHub repo.