WriteUpp: Design System

I started working within the WriteUpp team at a really good time. They needed someone to create and own the design system that would eventually be shared across multiple platforms.

It was a golden opportunity to work with a compact, but hugely talented group of people to create something truly helpful for medical professionals.

A pragmatic transitional period

The main browser-based app had an ageing UI that had served them well as an MVP, but they wanted to push the product to the next level. I spent a lot of time pairing this UI back and simplifying the codebase as much as possible to keep things maintainable. Although this old UI was going to be thrown away, it needed to retire gracefully alongside a new system.

I used new product features to slowly develop concepts that would move the app into the new UI system, whilst maintaining continuity for the user with the old system. WriteUpp is a business critical piece of software, so we had absolutely no intention of disrupting the user experience with a sudden redesign. Because of this, the slower transition benefited everyone. The transitional period is still continuing today because WriteUpp is such a huge app. The team really are doing a great job, even though it’s such a huge undertaking.

A brand new online booking system

WriteUpp had an existing online booking system, but we decided to create a better one from the ground up. We wanted it to be completely responsive, lightweight and as close to being WCAG compliant as possible. By building from the ground up, we had complete control over the codebase which allowed us to optimise the finest of details.

The main body of work for this project was completely reworking the user flow. We had to maintain strict security considerations, but we wanted to reduce the restrictiveness of these as much as possible. Taking inspiration from airline and hotel booking systems, we created a flow that allowed a patient the ability to provisionally book their appointment before they had to sign-in or register.

This redesign and redevelopment was a huge undertaking, but ultimately produced a really solid and helpful experience for patients.

A complimentary native application

Because WriteUpp is mainly an in-practice desktop app, we wanted to make a complimentary native app for iOS and Android. Instead of producing two separate codebases in Swift and Java, we decided to use the web technologies that we were using everyday. This helped us rapidly develop a fully featured app within 6 months of starting.

The app development process allowed us to simplify existing WriteUpp features and optimise them for small devices. It also allowed us to develop new features such as expense tracking, which eventually rolled into the main WriteUpp app after proving its worth in the mobile app.

The app went down a storm with the users who absolutely loved it. It continues to be well received today thanks to the consistently great work from the WriteUpp team.