Harley-Davidson®: Dealer Platform

At Room 58, we produced a dealer platform for Harley-Davidson® which was rolled-out to over 120 instances in over 40 countries, in over 20 different languages.

Because of this, we built a central content system that would power global content assets such as bikes and merch that were shared between all of the instances. We also built a site-instance base that was rolled out as part of a bespoke deployment process. This helped keep the codebase maintainable.

Working in so many languages was a real challenge - especially in the front-end. We still managed to develop a UI that looked stunning in English, French and even Russian & Greek. I learned so much about variable layout and disaster prevention with CSS and JavaScript which hopefully helped Harley-Davidson® customers get the most out of their local dealer site.

It was a great project which has since developed even further and has rolled out across Japan and other parts of Asia. I’m also really proud to have been part of the team that enabled the agency to go on to develop a product out of this system, called Morillian BWS.